Here you will find stories, vignettes,
memoirs, and such pertaining to the seashore.
Most of the stories are of places I have been to and have fond remembrances.
Other writings are ones I hope you will find interesting or enlightening.
I love the beautiful ocean that gives us a sense of peace and tranquility.
It warms and heals us, it can be exhilarating and powerful,
making us realize in the scheme of things how small we really are.
Let’s find the perfect spot to sit and breathe in the salt ocean breezes
and feel the gentle ocean spray gently caress our face.
Let’s feel the sand between our toes…
Ahhhhh... we are here!
Can you see the sailboats in the distance,
can you hear the seagulls overhead?!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I would like to introduce you to Oh My Creations and  would love to have you take a peek at some of our Seaside Treasures Collection from our Jewelry Line.. Here is a little bit about us and what we are all about:


My husband Joe and myself are ordained ministers and Artisans who enjoy creating captivating, nature inspired mostly one of a kind creations which are upscale and artistic. Our handmade Artwork is created to enhance your life. Our motto is "We are here to Adorn You" 

Our product line includes fascinating "Flaming Burning Rock Oil Lamp Candles", our own designer Perfume for people and pooches, our Spa line to include bath salts, sugar scrubs, fragrant massage bars, biblical anointing oils, one of a kind upscale jewelry pieces, decorated lighted wine bottles, Himalayan Salt Lamps and many more.
I have fourteen blogs and we are now in the midst of Art Shows, and trying to perfect each blog, so please be patient with us while we are adding our Seaside Jewelry items.  We are hoping you will say "OH MY!!" when you see our line of designer pieces.

Throughout our lives my husband and I have had a desire and need to add beauty and color to the world around us. We love taking amazing nature inspired natural stones, pearls, gems etc and placing them in gorgeous settings to adorn lives. My husband has a passion for fragrances, and he loves creating designer perfume and spa items, and biblical anointing oils. It absolutely delights us to see our designs and creations being enjoyed by our customers.

Joe is a multi-talented craftsman and has been working with different forms of Artwork and jewelry for years. His creations have a feeling of harmony and richness, and he has a flair for the classic look. He has a gift in administration and is surely a visionary. ps..I learned my jewelrymaking skills from him and I think he is the best!

I have always loved artwork.. all kinds and especially jewelry.. I am a bit eclectic in my creations and I find working with the whole spectrum of color so much fun. I do love to add a bit of whimsey into some of my artwork too! I am unconventional in most of my jewelry pieces.

We love traveling and hand-selecting each piece to incorporate into our mostly one-of-a-kind artwork. We find the result is well worth the time it takes.

PS ...We live in Port Saint Lucie, FL ... and  have 7 grown children and 10 grandchildren between us, and live with our darling pocket toyYorkie, named Gidget.. .be looking for her as our model for some of our dog boutique items coming up soon. We are looking forward to getting to know you better. We also can do custom orders if you are interested.
Blessing to all of you,

Joe and Donna Geertz
Oh My Creations

Here are some of our Seaside Treasures ...You can contact us at donnatrex@yahoo.com
Several of our pieces can found on either our Artfire store or our EBay store.  Our Jewelry is mostly one of a kind.  We do not duplicate our jewelry designs so you will be delighted to have your own unique pieces.  If you find something you like that has been sold, please let us know and we will create something close, but not exactly the same!
All of our jewelry pieces do not include shipping and handling, our shipping fees are on our store websites and are reasonable
Our EBay Store:
Our Artfire Artisan Store:
Blue Coral Stretch Bracelet Rare 
You would look far and wide to find a piece
of jewelry thisremarkable.  Genuine Blue Coral has to be one of the finest pieces of jewelry to own, especially if you love wearing blue jeans. Real coral is fast becoming extinct. This could be one of your prized pieces. $16.99

Chrysocolla Bracelet -The chrysocolla in this bracelet is a darker color than turquoise and has deep green however you will love it when you put on creative items and dress acordingly. The bracelet is 7 1/2 inches and is a real beauty. Accented with silver beads.  $42 

Red and White - All genuine coral and AAA rich white pearls... cute heart shaped closure $42 + S&H 

Feelin' Crabby - You will feel anything but crabby when wearing this darling whimsical set! Too many beads to mention, but we have included Jade, Peach Aventurine, Swarovski Crystal, gorgeous etched porcelain beads, and an incredibly adorable two toned silver/gold wire Crab front and center SS clasp .. what Fun! 125 SOLD

Mermaid Garden Set   This set is one of Donna's favorite designs...This one was six months in the creative process made just for you. I found the most adorable handcrafted mermaid and certainly paid the price for her, but I had to have her, she was calling my name LOL!  Pretty pink pearls too..  Blended with the coolest lampwork beads, she looks as though is set in an underwater garden! $165  

Starfish Blue - This beautiful bracelet with Caribbean blue beads and Hilltribe 99 Sterling Silver Starfish is just too cute! $42 SOLD

Hawaiian Isles Perfume 1 oz. bottle
If you enjoy the summer tropical scent of Hawaii as the sweet smell of ginger captures the air you will simply fall in love with this. As a perfume designer this is one of my favorites. You can almost hear the ocean breezes and the waves breaking on the shore.   $19.99

Submersively Yours.


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